Children & Adults Can Learn to Swim at Morristown Fitness Center.

Every age – from youngsters to older adults – can learn to swim at the National Fitness Center in Morristown, Tennessee. Our aquatic center is chock-full-of activities for every age, including aqua aerobics, Aqua Zumba and swimming lessons in our indoor junior Olympic swimming pool. Regardless of the weather, you can dive into fitness anytime of year.

Swimming is a great low impact exercise that builds aerobic endurance, muscle strength and tone, and our gym offers both private and semi-private classes for adults and children. Packages are available for both members and non-members and are scheduled based upon instructor and pool availability.

For water safety as well as enjoyment, learn to swim at our Morristown fitness center. Call (423) 317-3337 to learn more about swimming lessons and the many other services and amenities offered by our health club.